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Our guest this month was David McKillop

We were honoured to be joined by Rideau Regional survivor David McKillop. David is the President of People First of Ontario and an accomplished musician and public speaker. He has been working tirelessly to close institutions across Canada. David shared his music and story with us. He encouraged us to “stand up for our rights” and tell our stories. His advice is important as we continue to work on our video.


David tunes up his guitar

David performs, “I have suffered enough”, a song he wrote about closing institutions in Ontario

Véro and Robert during the performance


We enjoy more of David’s music over a lunch break

Marcel during the break


We practice telling our stories as we work together on our video

Maurice discusses Rideau Regional

We take time to listen to other survivors and learn from their stories. Doug watches Danny and Nicky, a 1969 film by the National Film Board.


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