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Want to share your ideas and be in a video? "THe most important thing in life according to me..." Saturday January 25. TheSpace, 391 McArthur Avenue, Vanier. How it works: Contact us to set a time on January 25th at theSpace in Ottawa! Your video clip could be included in a longer video about the history of institutions in Ontario. It might also be posted on our website and youtube channel. These video clips will represent the “Hope” part of our Memory, Witness and Hope project. Talking is not your thing? No problem! Share your ideas in writing, with a drawing or a picture! You can meet us in person or share your work by email! So u n d i n t e r e s t i n g ? Co n t a c t u s t o b o o k a t ime ! 613-255-3315 memo r ywi t n e s s h o p e@gma i l . c om. MWH-MTE.ORG


A logo in the shape of a messy circle made up of various shades of purple paint strokes, with some yellow and black contour. Overtop in white words are “Memory Witness and Hope | Mémoire témoignages et espoir”.
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