and Hope

Reclaiming our pasts,

Shaping our futures

Memory Witness and Hope: Sharing Stories About Surviving Institutions
Memory Witness and Hope brings together French- and English-speaking institutional survivors labelled with intellectual disabilities. We use art and video to tell our stories and learn new skills.
Our workshop series and film project are now underway.
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A light blue circle-shaped icon featuring two people working on a laptop. The word “Planning” are visible on a sideboard.
A light purple circle-shaped icon featuring a woman sitting on a bench outside. She is making a phone call.
A light green circle-shaped icon featuring two people working on a computer. The word “Blog” is displayed on the monitor.
A light grey circle-shaped icon featuring a group of people gathered around a movie screen. On the screen is the same group of people featured in the banner image, working at a table.
A logo in the shape of a messy circle made up of various shades of purple paint strokes, with some yellow and black contour. Overtop in white words are “Memory Witness and Hope | Mémoire témoignages et espoir”.
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