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and Hope

Reclaiming our pasts,

Shaping our futures

An illustrated banner image. In the foreground, a group of people are gathered at a table having a discussion. One man has a laptop open and another is writing something. They are being filmed by a woman with a video camera. In the background, a man is seated on a small bed and is holding his head in his hands. He is in a room with barred windows. Other rows of beds are visible.
Memory Witness and Hope: Sharing Stories About Surviving Institutions
Memory Witness and Hope brought together French- and English-speaking institutional survivors labelled with intellectual disabilities.
We used art and video to tell our stories and learn new skills.

Explore our work

Memory Witness and Hope is now finished.
This website serves as a repository of resources created through our project. You can explore our work below, or by visiting our Resources page.
Illustrated story
I Remember Rideau Regional
by Robert Concordia 

Participant videos

  • Doug Marr
  • Marcel Giroux
  • Harry LaRocque
  • Maurice Villeneuve
  • Robert Concordia

Group video

Lesson plans for secondary school teachers

  • Introduction - Memory Witness and Hope: A Unit of Study

  • Lesson 1: Memory - The History of Ontario's Institutions for People with Developmental Disabilities

  • Lesson 2: Witness - Learning from Survivors' Stories

  • Lesson 3: Hope - Learning from the Past: Justice, Not Apologies

  • Lesson 4: Take Action - Towards an Anti-Ableist Future

Supplementary Tools

KWL Chart

Anti-Ableist Initiative

Anti-Ableist Initiative - Rubric

*All resources are available in both French and English.

To access French-language versions, click here.

Visit our Blog to see photos and learn about our process!
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A logo in the shape of a messy circle made up of various shades of purple paint strokes, with some yellow and black contour. Overtop in white words are “Memory Witness and Hope | Mémoire témoignages et espoir”.
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