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and Hope

Reclaiming our pasts,

Shaping our futures

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Illustrated story

I Remember Rideau Regional

by Robert Concordia 


Participant Videos

  • ​Doug Marr

  • Marcel Giroux

  • Harry LaRocque

  • Maurice Villeneuve

  • Robert Concordia

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Collective Video

Lesson plans for secondary school teachers

  • Introduction - Memory Witness and Hope: A Unit of Study

  • Lesson 1: Memory - The History of Ontario's Institutions for People with Developmental Disabilities

  • Lesson 2: Witness - Learning from Survivors' Stories

  • Lesson 3: Hope - Learning from the Past: Justice, Not Apologies

  • Lesson 4: Take Action - Towards an Anti-Ableist Future

Supplementary Tools

KWL Chart

Anti-Ableist Initiative

Anti-Ableist Initiative - Rubric

*All resources are available in both French and English.

To access French-language versions, click here.


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