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and Hope

Reclaiming our pasts,

Shaping our futures


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Memory, Witness and Hope was a workshop series and film project that brought together institutional survivors labelled with intellectual disabilities in the

Ottawa area.

Funded through ​the Investing in Justice Fund

or, the Huronia Regional Centre, Rideau Regional Centre and Southwestern Regional Centre Class

Action - Strategic Program Investment Fund, the project was founded and directed by

Natalie Spagnuolo and Josée Boulanger.

Our mission was to connect people, share knowledge, and promote justice through stories.
Our work was guided by the following principles:
1. We work from an assumption of competence
2. We practice equality through our interactions
3. We integrate supported decision-making into our practice


Learn more about the class action lawsuit and the history of institutions in Ontario

CBC Radio: 'The gristle in the stew'

Toronto Star: 'Judge rules on plaintiff-lawyer rift in Huronia settlement'


Apology by Premier Kathleen Wynne

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' The Monitor: Freeing our people - Updates from the long road to deinstitutionalization

My Life Story by Justin Clark

A logo in the shape of a messy circle made up of various shades of purple paint strokes, with some yellow and black contour. Overtop in white words are “Memory Witness and Hope | Mémoire témoignages et espoir”.
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