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Sharing Stories About Surviving Institutions

Memory Witness and Hope: Sharing Stories About Surviving Institutions

​· Have you been labelled with an intellectual or developmental disability?​· Have you lived in an institution, like Rideau Regional, Huronia, or Southwestern?​· Would you like to share stories about your experiences and meet other survivors?​​Does this sound like you or someone you know? We want to hear from you!

The Creative Co-Lab is launching a workshop series in Ottawa called Memory Witness and Hope.

Memory Witness and Hope brings together institutional survivors. We will use art and video to tell our stories and learn new skills.

People who experience communication barriers are encouraged to participate.


A logo in the shape of a messy circle made up of various shades of purple paint strokes, with some yellow and black contour. Overtop in white words are “Memory Witness and Hope | Mémoire témoignages et espoir”.
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