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Learning from the work of Cindy Scott and Justin Clark

Two very important guests and institutional survivors join us before the holidays:

Cindy Scott and Justin Clark. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn about their advocacy work!

Cindy is a key organizer for Remember Every Name, a survivor-led group dedicated to restoring dignity to those buried at the former Huronia Regional Centre. You can learn more about their work by visiting their Facebook page.

Justin led a legal battle in 1982 that resulted in his release from the Rideau Regional Centre. His victory marks an important moment in Canadian disability history. You can read more about Justin's story here.


Cindy arrives in Ottawa after a long trip from Orillia, Ontario.

The MWH team welcomes Cindy and Justin and shows off our new t-shirts!


We enjoy some Christmas treats.


Robert reads to us from his new book.


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